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So-Do Kamen Rider Build - "Build7" Series 7 Set (Single Box Ver.) [Bandai]

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Part Number: CTKBUSD7S
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Manufacturer: Bandai

Warning - Choking Hazard
May have small and/or sharp parts; not for children under 15 years.
From the new So-Do Kamen Rider Build series of miniature "candy toy" action figures!  This complete 7th series set (i.e. "Build7 Set") features all 6 items in a convenient single-box edition!  Exact measurements are not given, but candy toy figures such as this are typically 3-4 inches tall.  Simple assembly required; stickers included for the finer details.  This full set includes:

  • Wolf Half Body (A Side)
  • Smartphone Half Body (B Side)
  • Kamen Rider Rogue (Cross-Z Armor Set)
  • Kamen Rider Rogue (Action Body Set)
  • Hell Bros/Remocon Bros/Engine Bros (Cross-Z Armor Set)
  • Hell Bros/Remocon Bros/Engine Bros (Action Body Set)
Please note that only ONE "Bros" figure can be built at a time; parts are included to build a single completed figure in any of the three variations.  All three are pictured for reference only.

Limit of 1 per customer please.

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