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Dango Mushi Series 03 Complete Set of 4 (Gashapon) [Bandai]

Our Price: $59.99
Part Number: CPDAN03S
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Bandai

Warning - Choking Hazard
May have small and/or sharp parts; not for children under 15 years.
Full set of all 4 items from the "Dango Mushi 03 - Fuchizori Nettaikoshibiro Edition" capsule toy series!  (The best translation we could find was "cudaris iriomotensis", which seems to be a type of Japanese woodlouse.)  From Bandai's "Dango Mushi" capsule toy series, named after the insect known all over the world by many names such as woodlouse, potato bug, roly-poly, etc.  Unique capsule-less design, no assembly required!  Simply unroll your Dango Mushi, flip out the legs, and it's ready!  Measures a whopping 14 cm long when open (about 5.5 inches)!  

Set includes:

  • Black Dango Mushi
  • Albino Dango Mushi (Silver)
  • Cudaris Iriomotensis Dango Mushi (Brown) (Rare!)
  • Zebra Dango Mushi (Rare!)
(Please note that the final product for the Albino Dango Mushi is more of a silver color and not translucent as it appears in Bandai's product photos.)

Gashapon (capsule toy) style packaging; each is shrink-wrapped from Bandai with mini-booklet inside.

Limit of 1 per customer please.

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