Hi everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on several December releases.  Most items scheduled for release in the 2nd half of December in Japan will not be arriving until mid-January.

There are several reasons behind this.  First of all, our suppliers are completely overloaded at this time of year.  Secondly, there are several back-to-back holidays in Japan, and most businesses are closed from before Christmas to New Year's, which is causing considerable delays with our shipments.  Since most Japanese businesses are closed until January 5th, we will not be receiving many December releases until mid-January.  A few examples are:

Takara Transformers Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
Daiki Kogyo Blade Runner Blaster Replica
MAFEX Spider-Man 2 DX Set
Movie Realization Samurai Darth Vader
All Premium Bandai exclusives (Lock Seeds, ToQger Kurainer, etc.)

For customers that have preordered these items, we appreciate your patience and understanding, and we will contact you as soon as these items arrive in mid-January.


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