(Updated April 25, 2020)

For estimated shipping delays to your location, please see "Postal & Courier Services" below for information.

These are challenging times, and we want to reassure our valued customers that we are still here and processing orders as quickly as possible!  We are presenting this information for those of you who may have questions about our products and mail order in general, and also to inform you of any potential delays in delivery.  As of now, e-commerce businesses are allowed to continue operating here, and postal services are still running in Canada and the USA.

Postal & Courier Services

  • At the time of this writing, our main shipping services in North America are still operating (Canada Post, USPS, etc.).  They may be making minor changes to the way they operate (for example Canada Post is no longer accepting signatures at the door, but leaving a card for you to pick up your item at the post office).  Deliveries may be delayed due to complications that Canada Post and the USPS are facing.
  • UPDATED:  Canadian Shipments:  After the Easter holiday we have started to see varying and potentially significant delays with Canada Post delivery speeds, anywhere from several days to a week longer than usual, even with local orders.  We are shipping orders as quickly as possible but they may take some time to get to you.  This is completely out of our hands and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding in these very difficult times!  (Also please ignore Canada Post's automated "Expected Delivery" date as they are no longer following normal delivery standards!)
  • UPDATED:  U.S. Shipments:  We are currently seeing minor delays of an additional 2-4 business days with delivery times.
  • UPDATED:  International orders (outside of Canada/U.S.A.) have been temporarily suspended due to extreme delays.  We plan to reopen this service once conditions improve.
  • We are doing our best to keep this information up-to-date, but please understand that the situation is changing rapidly.  We will continue to process orders as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience!
Our Products

  • All of our products ship directly from Japan or Bandai's U.S. distribution center.  Due to high manufacturing costs in Japan, most Japanese toy & collectible products are manufactured in other parts of Asia (China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.).  Products are then distributed through Japan's network of wholesale distributors, retailers, etc., before being packed and shipped to us.  This results in quite a bit of transit time!
  • The CDC has found that coronaviruses have "poor survivability" on surfaces such as products and packaging.  From what we understand, the coronavirus might only survive a few hours to a day on cardboard surfaces, and are therefore safe by the time we receive them (it takes nearly a week for our shipments to arrive from Japan).
  • Since our products are warehoused in Canada, they've probably been sitting here for a while when a customer has placed an order.  And finally orders will spend at least a day in transit on their way to a customer (for local shipments; U.S. destinations and other parts of Canada are generally in transit for 2-8 business days).
  • While in transit, packages have been handled by a number of postal workers and other personnel.  To be safe, you can leave your packages in a secure location (like a garage, etc.) for up to 4 days to reduce any risk of coronavirus contamination on the shipping carton.  Alternatively you can carefully open the carton, wash your hands and then remove the inner contents.  Then dispose of the outer carton and wash your hands again.  (These good practices apply to ALL mail, parcel, and grocery deliveries you are receiving from any company.)   
  • We are continuing to follow our usual extremely high standards of order prep & packing.  This includes obsessive hand washing, no eating/drinking near product storage or order prep/packing area, regular cleaning of work areas and surfaces, etc.
We will update this page if there are any significant changes.  Hopefully we can spread a little cheer at this difficult and stressful time :)  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message on our Contact Us page or Facebook.  For more information on COVID-19, be sure to check out the Health Canada website here and the CDC website here.

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe out there!