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Super Mini-Pla SSS.Gridman (Complete Set) [Bandai]

Our Price: $149.99
Part Number: CTSMPGRD
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Bandai

Warning - Choking Hazard
May have small and/or sharp parts; not for children under 15 years.

Please note that outer packages have minor shipping wear, such as small dents/creases, scratches, scuff marks, etc., which does not affect the actual product inside.

From Bandai's "Super Mini-Pla" candy toy model kit series, it's the SSS.Gridman set!  This factory-sealed box of 4 pcs (each inner box containing a section) includes the complete set of Gridman and his Assist Weapons, which can combine into Powered Zenon and Full Power Gridman!  Made of plastic.  Dimensions are not given, but items in this series are typically 6-7 inches tall when assembled/combined.  Set includes:

  • Gridman
  • Battle Tracto Max
  • Buster Borr & Gridman Calibur
  • Sky Vitter

Super Mini-Pla "candy toys" are snap-together mini plastic model kits. They are molded in color and typically include sticker sheets for the finer details.  Candy toy (box) style packaging; each typically includes one piece of candy or gum.

Images are of CG prototypes; final version may differ slightly.

Limit of 1 per customer.

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