Summer Convention Update!
Once again we will be returning to TF Con in Mississauga in July and Otakuthon in Montreal in August!

For TF Con, we will have about 50% Transformers and 50% general merchandise on the Saturday.  Since Sunday has more of a general toy theme, we will probably rotate most of the Transformers out for other merchandise.  Please be sure to stop by on both days.

We are also happy to be back in Montreal for Otakuthon in early August!  We plan on bringing all of the latest toku toys, action figures, and anime goods from Japan.  Since we are driving from out of town, we will be limited to what we can bring and will not have the opportunity to restock.  If there is anything in particular that you would like to buy or take a look at, please drop us an email so we can be sure to bring it for you.

Finally, regarding Fan Expo in Toronto, we are on a waiting list and hoping to get a booth.  We will post details as they become available.

Full details for all upcoming shows on our Events Page here.

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