(Updated July 1 - The points system deadline of June 30th, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, has now passed.)

First of all, don't worry!  Your points are safe for now and will be usable for some time.

That being said, our rewards points system is ending for many reasons.  First of all, we know it is not easy to use, but it was the only option available to us on our current e-commerce platform.  Almost all feedback that we have received on the points system has been negative.  It is rarely used and certainly has not served it's purpose in helping our brand.

It has many bugs for situations that our service provider never really anticipated.  For example, the points do not update when items are added or removed from orders, prices are changed, etc.  It cannot differentiate between preorders and shipped orders, so we have to manually remove points for preorders and add them back after an order ships.

Finally, the main reason the system is going away is because the module that governs it is now quite old.  It is incompatible with upgrades that we desperately need to make to the website.  This module has kept us locked into older service plans that have become too costly and lack the features needed for modern websites.  By removing this module we will be able to make some much-needed improvements!

This is how your points can be used moving forward.

We will disable the points program on June 30th (extended from our original deadline of May 31st).  Until then, orders will accumulate points, and you can continue to use/monitor your points through your account page.  After June 30th, we will disable the points system module, and we imagine all points data will disappear.

For now our only option is to back-up the points data at our end, so we will still have records of all points transactions and balances.  To check your balance, simply send us a message and we will reply with your available points.  When you are ready to use your points, they will be issued as a gift card.  As with our current system, you will need a minimum of 500 points ($5 value) in order to be redeem them.

All points will expire at the end of this year on December 31st, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. eastern time.

We are sorry to see the points system go, and this has been a decision that we did not take lightly.  We have been considering this for at least the last year or so, and it has reached the point where we cannot keep it around any longer.  Changes need to be made to the website now, and the incompatibility of this older system is preventing us from moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding and we would certainly appreciate any feedback on this issue!

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