Hope everyone's having a great holiday weekend!  No rest for the team at ICFJ; we're working 'round the clock to bring you the best new Japanese imports!  Now, on to our weekly wrap-up:

Sentai News

We've added lots of new items as well as restocked a few old in our Sentai section, with releases from Kamen Rider Fourze, OOO, Gokaiger, and Go-Busters!  We've got Buster Gear, new Zords, Astro Switches, etc.  Some items will be stocked in our warehouse, some available by special order/back orders only.  The entire section is revamped, so please browse them all here:

Metroid Samus Figure and figma

In other big news, we will be stocking a small quantity of Max Factory's new Metroid releases - a gorgeous new figure of Samus Aran in her zero suit, and a figma action figure of Samus in her usual atire!  Both are linked below and due later in the summer.

Silicone Trays, Chopsticks, and other Barware

We've added 10 different Silicone Trays from Kotobukiya to our inventory, as well as an amazing Star Trek Enterprise bottle opener.  And of course we still have the best selection of comic- and sci-fi-themed chopsticks in North America!!  Please follow the link below:

New Aoshima Enterprise-D!

Remember Aoshima's comlpleted, light-up Enterprise-D released last year?  Well, now they're back with this exclusive white "TVImage" version!  Check it out here:


Last but not least, we have added six(!) new Orchid Seed preorders, a new Samurai Girls Yagyu Jubie coldcast from UART, and a new Oshioki Sweetie figure from A-Label:

That's all for this week, mata ne!

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