Breaking news, direct USPS shipping is now available to the USA!

We are now able to offer USPS 1st Class Mail and Priority Mail, shipped directly from Canada!  This means you will get the speed and security of the US Postal Service, no more lengthy delays at US Customs (an occasional problem with non- CA Post Expedited Parcel shipments), and of course LOWER SHIPPING RATES!!!

How can we offer direct USPS shipping from Canada you ask?  Well, there are many hoops to jump through and added costs, but the end result is still much faster and less expensive than shipping via Canada Post!

We will be shipping orders directly from Niagara Falls, NY, twice a week, so please allow up to three (3) business days for us to process and ship your order.  After that, you can expect to receive your order in 2-4 business days with the speed of the USPS!

Please note that USPS shipped orders are limited to a value of $200 (a rule set by US customs), and/or orders with shipping dimensions under 36 inches length + width + height (a rule set by us!).

For orders over 36 inches length + width + height, USPS rates seem to flat out double and are equivalent to the discounted rates we already receive for Canada Post Expedited Parcel (which becomes USPS Priority Mail at the border).  Therefore orders this size will continue to ship via CA Post Expedited Parcel, as the rates and overall ship time are about the same, considering we can process CA Post-shipped orders much faster.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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