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Dango Mushi MaruMaru Swing - Complete Set of 5 (Gashapon) [Bandai]

Our Price: $59.99
Part Number: CPDANMSW
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer: Bandai

Warning - Choking Hazard
May have small and/or sharp parts; not for children under 15 years.
Complete set of 5 capsule toys from the series "Dango Mushi MaruMaru Swing"!  From Bandai's "Dango Mushi" series of capsule toys, named after the insect known all over the world by many names such as woodlouse, potato bug, roly-poly, etc.  Unique capsule-less design, no assembly required!  Simply unroll your Dango Mushi and flip out the legs!

The "Swing" keychain versions feature a new smaller design than the original Dango Mushi, measuring approximately 10 cm long when open (about 4 inches).  Each includes a removable ball chain attachment, so you can take them on the go or remove the chain for display!  This complete first series set includes all 5 colors - Black, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple!

Gashapon (capsule toy) style packaging; each is shrink-wrapped from Bandai with mini-booklet inside.

Limit of 1 set per customer please.

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