eBay Canada is currently offering 20% off items in the "Toys" category using coupon code "TOY20" ($50 minimum purchase)!  This applies to almost everything in our eBay store!

If there's something on the website that you would like that's not in our eBay store, simply contact us and we can add it for you.  We will match the website price with shipping added (for example, an item that costs $99.99 on the website plus $14.99 shipping would be $114.98 on eBay). 

Due to the time involved, please note that we are only offering this service on orders of $99 and up.  Please note that eBay Canada is only offering this discount to Canadian residents; apologies to our U.S. customers.  Offer ends December 1st; please be sure to contact us by 5pm on December 1st so we have time to create the listing for you.

You can find our eBay listings here.

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