(Updated November 23, 2018)

Important service bulletin for Canadian residents regarding service delays from Canada Post.

(U.S. Residents - please note that U.S. orders are NOT affected by these delays; all U.S. orders are shipped directly by the USPS out of western New York and bypass Canada Post completely.)

UPDATE - While the news is reporting massive postal backlogs and the possibility of packages not arriving in time for Christmas, we are simply NOT experiencing that with our shipments!  For example, orders shipped to Toronto and London ON from Mississauga on Monday Nov. 19 were delivered on Tuesday Nov. 20!  That's NEXT DAY local delivery around the GTA, which is the normal delivery time for local shipments.  We're not sure if that was a fluke, and we certainly cannot guarantee that all shipments will be delivered exactly on time like that.  However we have been shipping to all parts of Canada the last few weeks, and orders have generally not been more than 1-2 business days later than normal!  Shipments to eastern and western Canada usually take about a week, and orders are currently being delivered only 1-2 days later than that. 

We are continuing to use Canada Post for all Canadian shipping since there is really no reason to stop; we do not want to switch to courier services and raise shipping prices drastically and unnecessarily!  Also it appears the government is about to step in to resolve the situation for the holidays.

(Original blog post below:)

Once again the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has elected to go on rotating strikes throughout Canada until further notice.  As these are rotating strikes with locations changing every 1-2 days, we do not expect to see a significant impact on delivery times.  Shipments could take 1-2 business days longer if the strikes are occurring in areas that affect your shipment.

We will continue to use Canada Post since alternatives are drastically more expensive and we would have to raise shipping rates considerably (and we certainly do not want to do that!).  However we will look into other solutions if the strike worsens and will update this page if there are any further developments.

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